I purchased a Woodmizer portable sawmill for personal use in 2013.  As the word spread that I owned a portable sawmill I started milling logs for other people.  When the Emerald Ash Borer invaded Ohio and ash trees began dying by the thousands my milling business really started to take off.  After establishing relationships with several local tree service companies I began collecting urban logs and milling hardwood lumber for sale eventually founding Urban Timber Mill in 2015 as a full service custom sawmill and portable milling service.

Today I mill both urban and forest grown trees into lumber for all your woodworking projects.  I take special pride converting urban logs into useful lumber instead of allowing them to become landfill material, mulch, or firewood.

Urban Milling is all about saving logs from cities, towns, and rural environments by turning them into useful lumber.

If you have ever had a tree fall in your backyard and would like to see it turned into a beautiful piece of furniture then my portable milling service might be for you.  I can come to your home and convert your tree into useful lumber for a variety of projects.  You can be part of the process from start to finish seeing the tree cut into lumber, stacked to dry, then used in your own project.

Beyond portable milling I offer competitive prices on custom milled lumber. Whether you need wood for a furniture project, home restoration, outdoor project, trailer decking, barn restoration, timber framing, or just about any other project I can help.  Contact me to discuss your specific needs.