If you have logs you would like to convert to lumber I provide on-site milling services in the Troy Ohio and surrounding area. If you can transport your logs you can also bring them to my shop to be milled. Logs need to be straight with no protruding branches and at least six (6) feet in length to be millable. In general any log smaller than 15″ is approaching firewood size. I can mill logs with diameters as small as ten (10) inches, but logs that size don’t yield much usable lumber. I understand most homeowners want to make as much lumber from their tree as possible. Although I will mill anything I can for a homeowner, the outcome of milling small logs is typically a limited quantity of mostly inferior lumber at a premium cost and I advise against it.

I have two portable sawmills; both accept logs up to 21 feet long and 36 inches in diameter. The larger of the two mills is a 62 HP turbo diesel rated at 1050 BF per hour; the smaller is a 24 HP gas powered machine rated at 450 BF per hour. Both produce equal quality lumber. I frequently bring the smaller mill for on-site work because it’s easier to transport, easier to get into a backyard, more affordable for you, and better suited to the log size & quantity typical of most “homeowner” jobs. The larger mill is better suited for jobs with a greater quantity of logs or jobs with larger diameter logs overall. To benefit from the higher production rate of the larger mill I suggest having a crew of four or five people available to help pull and stack lumber as well as a skid loader or tractor to feed logs to the mill.

Please contact me at UrbanTimberMill@gmail.com if you would like more information or would like to have your logs milled.